Nurse Application Form

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Personal Particulars




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Personal Particulars Pt. 2

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Bank Account No. & Type

Nursing Experience

Do you possess a valid Nursing License with Singapore Nursing Board (SBN)?

Do you possess a valid Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) Certification?

If both yes, I am a

What is your current employment status?

Areas of Specialization (if any)

Work Preference (procedures, days & hours etc.)

File Upload if any (Nursing Licence)

File upload if any (BCLS Cert)

File upload (Curriculum Vitae)

Terms of Service

Contract for Service Agreement

The nurse will have to understand that he/she is engaged as an independent contractor whereby the nurse is engaged for a fee to carry out an assignment. Under such a work arrangement, he/she is not covered by the Employment Act.

Although it is not compulsory to have indemnity insurance, Caring Hearts Nursing Services will strongly encourage nurses to consider getting an indemnity insurance coverage.

(For more information, please call our coordinator at +65 9048 2919)

We will not be responsible for any form of misconduct practices rendered by the assigned nurse. Therefore, we shall not be accountable to resolve any conflict or disagreement between the client/client’s family and the nurse should any conflicts or disagreement arises.

The nurse must ensure that his/her nursing license is valid before accepting any assignments arranged by Caring Hearts Nursing Pte Ltd.

Private Arrangement

The nurse pledges that he/she is not allowed to work with the client/client’s family or other nurses under any form of private arrangement without prior consent of Caring Hearts Nursing. Should the nurse breach this term and make any private arrangement with clients, the nurse will be penalized and charge a $500 fine.

Cancellation of Assignment

In the event when nurse decides to cancel an assignment which he/she has already accepted, he/she is obligated to inform Caring Hearts Nursing coordinator by calling +65 9048 2919. The nurse has to give advanced notice of a minimum of 24 hours (before the duty commences). Otherwise the nurse will be penalized and charge a $100 fine.